Wednesday, 1 July 2009

June Member of Month Dedication

Hello To Everyone
Hope everyone doing well today
Well its that time again to dedicate to our member of the month in June

Junes Member of the month dedication,is to the sweet and wonderfull person.
She is a one of a kind, a funny, crazy but wonderfull lady indeed

Our Member of the Month in the cell was the fabulous and wonderfull Tagger


Everyones been making tags for her for her honour and we have included some of those in our slideshow below.

We also have recieved some lovley quotes about gypsy from our member's and wanted to share them in this dedication

"Gypsy was the first cell member to welcome me like a long lost friend when I first joined the forum. She was the one who encouraged me to learn to scrap, forwarding me tubes and tut links that she thought I might like. She is always ready to give her time and energy to other. A truly deserving MOTM"

"Gypsy is a one of a kind friend anyone is lucky to cross paths with - she has outstanding talent - her unique sense of humor brings sunshine to the cloudiest of days - I never fail to find a smile on my face after reading any of Gypsy's posts - she has such a selfless and kind soul ...

Gypsy is Very Funny Lady Cracks Me Up To The Max.If You Are Having a bad Day Or A little Down With real Life She Is The Lady You Can Buck up With She Always Makes You laugh.xxxxx


Gypsy is a special lady who is always looking out for ya....she'd give you the shirt off her back if ya needed it
its really quite difficult to find the words that gypsy inspires in me....compassionate, giving,spreads joy, protector,she honestly just cares about everyone

a quote i believe relates to Gypsy
"Friends are God's way of taking care of us."
and Gypsy does just that


Gypsy came to us and immediately got into the banter and laughter the group maintains.
Always there with a funny reply to posts that would often leave you in fits of laughter.
She was helpful to those that were new and were unsure how things worked.
It was Gypsy that did the very first Blog Train in the group and it was a success because she made it one. She spent time answering e mails and questions for those that hadnt a clue how to partake etc. making. She also started the "Queen for a Day" and made that a success too.
Gypsy is a gem... she is such a caring person, and will do anything to help others
Her work is amazing, her posts are amazing...she is amazing...
In short...she is a true assett to this group and I hope she knows just how much
we ALL love her


shes a fruitball one of a kind, warm hearted and generous, did i say Mad..


She is a top gal who will give you the shirt of her back if you ever needed it, so generious and sweet and one funny lady.


Gypsy ... what can I say about her, she fits right in here at the cell, she's looney in a fun way, always helpful when others need a hand, and is a great person to have as a member, she has the padded cell in her heart and wants everyone to be happy here


We are some of the luckiest people here at The Padded Cell to have gained such
an amazing person to be among us. Gypsy is without a doubt a fantastic lady.
She gives so much. She loves to spoil members and honor them. She makes
the members feel special and a real part of the group. Gypsy thank you so much
for making The Padded Cell your home. We definately feel like you're our sister.