Tuesday, 21 July 2009

July Member of Month Dedication

Hello To Everyone
Hope everyone doing well today
Well its that time again to dedicate to our member of the month in July

July's Member of the month is one of the kindest souls I've been lucky to know - she is generous with her friendship and shares so much with everyone - She has extraordinary talent ... and is a fun friend to have!!

Our Member of the Month in the cell was the fabulous and wonderful Tagger

Suz- Suzanne

Everyone's been making tags for her for her honour and we have included some of those in our slideshow below.

We also have received some lovely quotes about Suz from our member's and wanted to share them in this dedication. Suzanne came with us when we closed our msn group and moved to our forum. She's a quite stalker
"Suz Is So Talented, Lovely Lady Thoughtful and I'm Proud to Have Her As A Friend"
"She's an incredibly talented psp'er. She has an awesome blog where you find her most recent tuts, templates, masks, etc. I think we are all blessed to have a friend like her.
I hesitate to use the words kindest, sweetest, nicest and most generous, because that's what everyone is going to say about Suz, because those are the words that come first to mind when we think of her. But Suz is so much more dimensional than those trite words, so much warmer, so much more graceful, so much more caring and giving. She is, simply, our sunshine.
My dear sweet little kiwi Suzanne. What can I say about her.
She's a quiet, gentle soul who loves to make tags. She is down-to-earth, with a spectacular talent for tag making. Always one to give, she does so without pomp and fanfare.
If I get a Suzanne tag then I'm one happy camper.
Suzanne, thanks so much for being one-of-a-kind.
We love having you as a part of The Padded Cell.
You know I lubs you.
" a tagger with awesome creativity, generosity of spirit and thoughtfulness."
"She is very sweet and I enjoy her tags. "
Suzanne is a value member of the group unassuming and hides from the limelight but daily appears with generous gifts of lush tags I've watched her talent grow and her tags just make you go wow daily ..
always a lovely pleasant manner always happy and see the good in everyone if you where looking for a perfect forum member she's the one ... and hands of she's ours
We are some of the luckiest people here at The Padded Cell to have gained such
an amazing person to be among us. Suzanne is without a doubt a Lovely lady.
She gives so much without asking for anything back. She loves to spoil members with her breathtaking Elegant tags.
Suzanne we all thank you so much
for making The Padded Cell your home.