Saturday, 12 September 2009

Padded Cell Blog Train leaves the station ..

Chugga chugga choo choooooooo .. The Padded Cell blog train has left the station this morning. The fabulous cellmates all came together to design something that to them represents what fun we have at The Padded Cell forum. You will not be disappointed .. if good laughs, fun, and kinkyness is something you enjoy, then get blog hopping .. you'll have a good chuckle we're sure of that. Now don't forget to leave some love when you download, it takes but a minute to leave a thank you and you can rest assured you will have put a big smile on the designers face when she sees it.

Main Train Station

Make sure you download the fabulous creations of LadyDisney who's work is being hosted on this blog

Preview for LadyDisney's kit is below

Download HERE

And these are the fabulous blogs you will be hopping to download the lovely creations

Blog Train Participants

Please remember that not everyone is in the same time zone so their bits might be up a bit later than others, so don't forget to check back for them.

Enjoy the train ride!!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Another train leaving the station ..

We have another train leaving the station tomorrow from the fabulous ladies over at The Padded Cell forum .. so watch this space for updates ...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

August Member of Month Dedication

Hello To Everyone
Hope everyone doing well today
Well its that time again to dedicate to our member of the month in August

Our Member of the Month in the cell was the fabulous and wonderful Tagger

Natalie - LadyDisney

Every one's been making tags for her for her honour and we have included some of those in our slide show below.

We also have received some lovely quotes about Natalie from our member's and wanted to share them in this dedication. Natalie came with us when we closed our msn group and moved to our forum. She's a quite stalker
"one of the most genuine peeps on the net"

Natalie gives so much without asking for anything back a quiet soul whos always there

our sweet little angel. She is one fun member and is always agree to play and have fun.

Natalie is a warm and generous friend and has an amazing talent - she is an all over awesome person!

She is very sweet and makes great tags.
Natalie thinks she's not a mentor, lol! Every single day we learn patience, we learn trust, we learn how to smile through hardship, all by watching her example. But if this award was only about tagging and participation in the forum, she'd still be the one for the title. She takes so much care with everything she does, and she's so kind and sweet and encouraging...I'm very, very proud to call her my friend.
Natalie Rocks my world,She Always Is Friendly,polite Has Nothing Bad To say About Anyone,Always the First To Give Compliments,Talented What can i Say i Love Her

I've had the pleasure of knowing Natalie for to many years to mention I've seen her bloom for learning psp to being an extremely talented Tagger, Natalie's tags are the most uniquest and exquisite tags you will see and are completely different from the tags you will see day to day in psp.. shes also the most down to earth person you'll meet in the psp world. Real old school psper who has time and energy to help anyone without a thought for herself
We are some of the luckiest people here at The Padded Cell we all thank you so much
for making The Padded Cell your home.