Thursday, 29 January 2009

Butter's Exclusive Valentine Collaboration Tutorial

well i decided to throw in a twist for the collaboration for the girls. There were two stipulations to the tutorials

1. you have to use the tube supplied in one of your tuts either tutorial or both
2. I Created some masks, use one on your tutorial don't have to use the one that was created for you but must use one of them on at least one of the tutorials.
Tell you if looks and mumbles could kill id be dead. But hey it makes it very interesting when we have all been limited down. My first tutorial feature's Simone's part of the TCP Valentine kit.
My Sweet Valentine Candy
(Featuring Simone's Part of the kit)

Lou's Exclusive Valentine Collab Tutorials

Hi Everyone

Well as im sure you have guessed here is the next step to our fun filled week.

We have give you alphas, masks, frames, papers and elements galore to tag to your hearts content.

But we couldnt just stop there we had to give you all a little somthing extra

So all four of us have decided to write a few tutorials to go with the collaboration kit we have released. Each of will be releasing our tutorials in the very very very near future so keep checking back

So without further addooo here are my two tutorials I have included previews below and you can view both tutorials HERE

I hope you enjoy them.

Hugs Lou xx


Oh Boy Lollipop

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

TPC Valentine Collaboration Bonus

Here's a little Bonus Item i created to go with the TPC Valentine Collaboration. I decided to make a mask for each of us, well a mask in the style of what we each like and on our personalities so you can play guess which masks matches who .....
the Tou is different for this one so please read if you use them nothing serious just needs crediting differently

TPC Valentine Collaboration Bonus

You can download this Bonus item Here

Part 8.....Come and get it!!!

My turn, my turn :0)
Lou, fabulous elements, wow. You know I'm playing with them, lol.
Here's a preview of my contribution to the collab. Please click on thumbnail to get a better look.
There are elements, frames and all sorts of goodies in this download, 109 to be exact.
I really hope you enjoy them and I would love to see what you make if you do use them.
You can always link to your tutorial in the Chatbox and we will post it on all our blogs for
others to see and enjoy.
Thanks for hanging in with us the last few days as we spoiled you rotten, lol.
We do have a few more things up our sleeves, like we'd really be done....right! lol
So make sure to check back again tomorrow.
Big hugs Simone
Download elements here.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

TPC Valentine Collaboration Part 6

Helloooooooooooo everyone, hope you're all having fun downloading these wonderful scrap pieces. We can't wait to see what you make with them. Please, please remember to email us your tags or layouts, we would so love to showcase them here on our blog.

Here is part six of The Padded Cell's Valentine Scrap Kit Collaboration.
You will find 21 papers to play with, hope you love them.
Hugs Simone

Click HERE to download.
Please click on thumbnail for a better look.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for some more downloads, wooohooooooo! :=)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

TCP Valentine Part 4 Collaboration

Hello everyone

That shocked you, Sorry only me here is my final alpha to go with this fabulous Collaboration, thanks Lou and Simone for granting me permission to use some of there scrap pieces to create these. I got a bit carried away with the thrill of making them. i do hope you will find them useful and please remember there are parts being released every day this week which will make up one huge scrap from all off us for all our cellmates.
Psst there coming the honest.. so who's next tomorrow...?
Enjoy Butter----x-----

Part 4: TPCValentineLouHeartAlpha
this is an add on to match in with Lou part and can be download here

TCP Valentine Part 3 Collaboration

Hi Everyone

So my bit of this fabulous collab is ... dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn .. my very first attempt at making .. Frames!!!!!!!! I do hope someone likes them and is able to use them lol .. I've never done frames before and it was fun to try different ideas, I just hope I didn't go overboard lmao! Anyways, I shouldn't ramble on .. but I do want to say thank you to Lou and Simone for granting me permission to use their lovely bits from their share of scrap pieces to create these frames. Its a good sneak peek for you all on whats to follow to .. so make sure you keep coming back to check out what we got in store next .. you won't be disappointed.

Have fun


Part 3: TPCVValentineFrames

You can download these HERE. If you make anything with these I'd love to see them so please send them to me HERE, it would definately boost my ego lol.

TCP Valentine Part 1 & 2 Collaboration

Hello everyone
now be gentle with me this is my first attempt at making any form of scraps and i must thank Lou and Simone for granting me permission to use some of there scrap pieces to create these. i do hope you will find them useful and please remember there are parts being released every day this week which will make up one huge scrap from all off us for all our cellmates.
Enjoy Butter
Part 1: TPCValentineSimoneHeartAlpha

this is an addon to match in with Simone part and can be download here

Part 2: TPCValentineLouCheckedAlpha

this is an addon to match in with Lou part and can be download here

Secret Revealed

Well we have kept you all in suspense long enough its time to reveal the secret ... hehehe.
Have you all still got some hair left i know we have been teasing you for a week now about the BIG SECRET over at the forum. Well its a collaboration a bigger one than normal. Each day we will be releasing parts of the TCP Valentine Collaboration every day this week, so don't forget to keep coming and checking whats posted on the boards. So i hear you ask whats different about this one well we have all scrapped Yes YOU HEARD US LADIES even Serina and Butter have taken there first steps at making some parts of this special kit, and both Lou and Simone have made some awesome scrap. On the last day there will be a special Group Announcement of a part from all of us.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hello everyone

Hello cellmates
How is everyone on this cold and windy saturday???
Hope your all doing well...
Now some of you may have heard that the padded cell is working on a big suprise
we are now onto phase two yep you heard that right phase 2 lol and we are working away with that and hopefully shall be ready to reveal all very very soon.
We think you will like it, well we hope if not gonna allow simones and butter loose with the flogger and voodoo pins lol
No In all seriousness yes im being serious for once lol
We have really enjoyed this so we hope you do too

Thursday, 15 January 2009

One Bettie Collaboration Tutorials

Below you can see a preview of what we Created with this stunning Kit and a fitting Tribute to Bettie Page a legend in her time and a became an Icon in the Pinup community after her time. We are all familiar with her from the tubes we bought from the PTU licensed tube companies.

here is our Forum tribute to her in Tutorials form.You can find our tutorial over at our Forum Padded Cell

One Bettie by Simone

Oh Bettie by Lou

Memories of a Legend by ButterflyFlutterby

FTU Scrapkit One Betty by Simone

Hello everyone! Simone created another Fabulous new FTU scrap kit called "One Bettie". Shes always loved Olivia's art work featuring Bettie Page and has always thought Bettie Page was a beautiful woman and was sad when she passed away.Here's a preview of the scrap kit in her honor, and you can download it at her blog

Breeze Collaboration Tutorials

Below you can see a preview of what we Created with this stunning Kit
It's Breezy by Simone

PlayFul Summer Kitten by Serina

Beauty of a Flower By ButterflyFlutterby

Sophisticated Angel By Lou

FTU Scrapkit Breeze by Simone

Simone has created a Big Gigantic Freebie Kit called Breeze
its a stunning kit and well worth Checking out so many Layer and Elements.
Check out her Blog scrappybitoffun

So I hear you ask what the Collaboration for our Forum . All four managers agreed to create an Exclusive tutorial for the group using the bootiful kit. cant remember who idea it was lmao ( polishes Halo)
the Rules were we where not allowed to chat about Our tutorials or compared notes and Last Night we all Released them at the same time, Praying we had four different tutorials.

Welcome To The Padded Cell Team Mate Blog

We are a team of Four individuals Lou, Butter, Serina And Simone and we run our group called The Padded Cell