Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tourist In Paradise Blog Train

Welcome to the Tourist in paradise blog train
This Train was created by the wonderfull Gypsy.
She has brought together some of the Padded cell members to make a blog train that contains everything u will need to make a tag.
The pariticpants of the train have made lots of kits, templates, Mask and tubes for you to use so jump on the train and head from station to station and pick up your goodies,

you can download the pack HERE

** If u enter a station and are awaiting your supplies please be aware all 
members are on different time zones so u may have to check back**

Some stations have more than one Download so remember to grab them all

Train Links

Ismael Rac Free Exclusive Padded Cell Tube

Hello Padded Cell Members

The Cell has some fabulous news for you all

As many of you know Ismael Rac joined the padded cell a little while ago and asked for ideas on what kind of Exclusive tube the padded cell would like.

Well i am Pleased to announce that Ismael posted our FREE Padded Cell Tube in the Cells This Morning.
There are two layers to it One Red Head One Blonde and you can download it over at the padded cell today.

We want to say a BIG BIG BIG Thank you to ismael for this wonderfull and sexy Tube.
We know you are having a ruff time as of late but we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this wonderfull exclusive for the cell it has been such a wonderfull honour.
You are such so sweet and a true Gent.
Thank you again

here is a preview of the Tube and you can download it at the 

Monday, 25 May 2009

Suzanne Exclusive E-I-E-I-O tutorial

Suzanne has done it again
With her wonderfull creative talents.

She has written a new exclusive tutorial for the padded cell and what an adorable Tag tutorial it is.

The tutorial is called  E-I-E-I-O  contain the faulous Artwork of suzanne Woolcott

This tutorial is  adorable, cute, amust, so why not come check it out and try it for yourself and show suzanne ur wonderfull creations from her tutorial.

Here is a preview of the tutorial below 

Member Of Month May

Hello To Everyone
Hope everyone doing well today
So we have a few more updates
As many of u know the padded cell restarted our member of the month feature again.
We have so many talented member in the cell so u can imagine just picking one was a hard choose especially from the talent we have in the forum but we did it.

The member to whom we choose has been dedicated and true friend to us all And has been a member with us since our Crafty Minx Days over on msn before we all got carted away to our cells. lol

Our Member of the Month in the cell was the fabulous and wonderfull Tagger


Everyones been making tags for her for her honour and we have included some of those in our slideshow below.

She is the most friendly, sweet and funniest person you could meet in the psping world.
Her tagging skills and hand of friendship to all is what makes her mama in everyway there is no stop to the talents she has and the laughter she brings. No matter what kind of day your having she always bring that smile to your face and offers help beyond the bounds.

We also took the time and asked our members for quotes on Mama and here they Are.
Mama We love you to pieces so enjoy.

Butter- Mama Ev is an outstanding member shes always cheery always know when to hug you if your down or up or slap you when your mischievous, Never sad makes you have a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness, one of those people you look forward to reading and seeing her work.. shes an extremely gifted and talented Tagger but she wont admit it, Mind you she must spend a fortune in Gold Spray paint a week for her Tarnished Halo

Serina - Mama Ev is a lovely person full of love and kind words for anyone who's down. You can always count on her for a good giggle post and if your day is dreary and slow just look for her name and read her posts and if you don't smile I'd be very surprised. A very sweet person and a fabulous tagger. Oo and lets not forget, that tarnished halo she keeps buying from the dollar store *giggles* she pretends to be an angel but she really is a lil devil in disguise pmsl!!

DreamyDoodles - what all can I say about Ev that prolly hasnt been said yet shes a wonderful person and friend always has a way to make your day brighter from just a post you've read...Thanks for being who you are and never change you..

Silkee - "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being."
She is very respectful and encouraging of everyone..She does amazing artistry but she is always there to help someone out.To give that lil word of praise that makes you wanna go a step higher. She's always there when someone needs an ear or a shoulder.I would say she is a friend to all.

TheStudMuffin - mama Ev is a caring,Giving And A talented Woman,Not Only Is she These Things But Also A Friend.

MayK - MamaEv is a sweet lady that is always giving someone a tag pressie!

Xtenziv - We have been in one other group together and she has always been so nice, one of those ladies who will answer your question if you have one.. even if it's dumb

Becca - Strangers are just friends waiting to happen. ~Rod McKuen,

NanaDee - I think she is really sweet and nice.

Cuddz - I have known MamaEv for a few years now and I have learned
that she has a HUGE heart,never a cross word and always
there to help if she can.
She truly deserves this award just for being who she is,

Annoymous - Mama talents has no end she is the sweetest, most wonder full person you could ever meet and always lends you her hand whenever you may need it.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Padded Cell Update

Hello everyone a quick update from us at the padded Cell
We have a lot of new and upcoming stuff heading your way very soon so stay tuned.

In meantime i would like to give a few updates we have over at the cell

First Being Our New Tutorial Board Dedicated to one of our long standing Members who have been with us since day one.
She is a talented lady who's creative genious is outstanding everytime.
She has been writing exclusive tutorials as a member for the padded cell for a while and we felt it was only right that she have a board of her own.
she is a lovley person.

Suz's Tutorials

Here are some of the amazing tutorial previews she has over at the cell

You can view the tutorials at our forum HERE

Monday, 18 May 2009

New Forum Tutorial Summer Memories

You can view the tutorial at our Group HERE
 Ive released a New Exclusive tutorial over at the padded cell Its called Summer Memories and was creating using a Light & Airy Kit  from Simone which can be located on  Scrappy Bit Of Fun

Thursday, 14 May 2009

New Forum Twilight Eclipse

You can view the tutorial at our Group HERE
 Ive released a New Exclusive tutorial over at the padded cell Its called Twilight Eclipse and creating using a fabulous Kit  from urbanfairytales 

New Forum Tutorial I'm Loveable

You can view the tutorial at our Group HERE Ive released a New Exclusive tutorial over at the padded cell Its called I'm Loveable and creating using a fabulous Kit  from Bluedreamdesigns and features the stunning artwork of ©paci