Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mpt Sponsored Contest The Padded Cell Showoff

Many of you will know the padded cell ran a sponsored Mpt contest in the month of March
We had a fabulous run up week for anyone who wanted to enter in the form of 14 challenges, this entiled you to one entry in the big contest.
Wow what a week of fabulous creations that was.

Finally the contest started the entrants had to make a spring style tag.

The tag had to have the following to be a qualified entry
2 plugin must have been used within the tag
A criter of some type like a rabit, bird and so on must be visible within the tag
It had to contain butterflies
and With the start of spring the tag must have contained rain still or animated
And Also because it was a mpt contest it had to contain a mpt tube of there choice.

Now this was a hard contest but the outstanding work from our member for it was just amazing and we are here not only to show boat the main winners but to show off all the fabulous tags made for the contest for everyone to see.

So Here Goes

Suzanne 1st Place

Myself 2nd Place

MamaEv 3rd Place

InLove Honourable Mention Inlove

You can view Inlove's Entry HERE .. its a beautiful tag but I'm sorry I cannot post it here as it has a nip showing.  It wasn't a rule in the contest though so the entry was allowed in.

Butterfly Flutterby

Stu Aka StudMuffin

We want to give the member of the padded cell a very big thank you for participating in not only the runup but the contest itself i am sure u will agree these tags are wonderfull in each way.

The Padded Cell Management