Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ismael Rac Joined Us Cellmates

We had the fabulous honour of having the wonderfull Artist Ismael Rac Join Us Over At The Padded Cell Recently.
He was welcomed by us all crazy ladies and gentlemen and we did a show off of some of the fabulous tags with his work past and present
While chatting he was asked a few question from our members and we thought we would share them with you

Can i ask how long you have being drawing and designing and what is your most favourite Image to create so far??

Ismaels Response : UkAngel I have been drawing for about 4 years I started in November 2004 and Thanks for the comment and support. 
  I don't really have a fave image so far becuase I have so much more to improve 

1. When did you first realise you had a gift for drawing ...? 

Ismaels Response.    I just wanted to become a Digital Artist , when you are born we all draw as kids nothing special we all do it but some of us  stop for whatever reason I guess I just wanted to re-awake  my inner child and see if I could do it. I began to draw in November 2004 and ever since them I have focus on it to push myself to become a good Artist. All I can do is just keep on pushing to become one.

2. did you take any formal qualifications   in art....?

Ismaels Response. I never had a formal training. I first began to learn web Design and programming so I was able to learn allot on my own, so I decided to learn how to draw on my own. I have many friends that have had professional training Trade schools art schools but, I think that when you attend School you work at a pace of the Teacher and basically not all students learn at the same ration, some get discourage and others think that is too easy so at the same time it does not work out.  At least that’s how I feel plus when you really want to learn something really bad you work harder to succeed, self motivation is the key. 

3. are you classically trainned or just Naturally gifted

Ismaels Response. I train myself.  I don’t think that drawing is something that you are born with I use to think that people that draw are born with the skill but I have experience that it takes dedication to make it work.

4 although you draw digitally did yu have to take computer courses to learn ..?

Ismaels Response. I always had an interest in computers   and the internet is my biggest help of all time you can learn just about anything.

5. what programs do you use for  creating your  artwork  are you a traditionalist who draw on paper first or do you use a tablet

Ismaels Response I Use Photoshop cs3 at the moment I have cs4 but I lags on my PC. I use to draw and paper and then scan and color but, I always thought that if you do it this way is not really digital drawing is more like Digital coloring and drawing on paper eats more time.  Back in 2006 to make one image it would take me like 20 -30 Hours and is just a pain. I began to learn and try techniques to make it faster and better know it takes me about 3 – 7 hours.

6. What have been your main  influences.....

Ismaels Response  Looking at other artist’s work and wanting to do it is the biggest motivation, going to sleep knowing  that the next day you will create something from a white screen is the best feeling.

7. which other commerical artists do you admire

Ismaels Response For some reason I don’t really have one artist that I admired they all have great skills and I can’t pick one. (Good question)

8 what has been your greatest achievement ..... 

Ismaels Response I guess to be able to do it and not had any professional training its feels great. Not only because I did not spend Thousands of dollars to learn and because I probe myself that it can be done.

9 How long does it take you to  from the inital idea to completing a finished  girl for sale....?

Ismaels Response  about 3 – 7 Hours depending on the style or if is a half or full body image.
10. Is there  a model or an  iconic   figure you always wanted to draw and have not yet had the chance..?
Ismaels Response They are too many beautiful women in this world that is just hard to have a one.