Sunday, 25 January 2009

TCP Valentine Part 3 Collaboration

Hi Everyone

So my bit of this fabulous collab is ... dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn .. my very first attempt at making .. Frames!!!!!!!! I do hope someone likes them and is able to use them lol .. I've never done frames before and it was fun to try different ideas, I just hope I didn't go overboard lmao! Anyways, I shouldn't ramble on .. but I do want to say thank you to Lou and Simone for granting me permission to use their lovely bits from their share of scrap pieces to create these frames. Its a good sneak peek for you all on whats to follow to .. so make sure you keep coming back to check out what we got in store next .. you won't be disappointed.

Have fun


Part 3: TPCVValentineFrames

You can download these HERE. If you make anything with these I'd love to see them so please send them to me HERE, it would definately boost my ego lol.